Business Writing = Creative Writing: Express Yourself

Remember when you first discovered finger painting? There sat the blank paper and pots of gooey, vibrant color. Miraculously, adults encouraged you to dive in with both hands and express yourself. Joy!

Do I dare compare that delightful experience to the writing assignment that currently dogs your work days? Yes, I dare.

Granted, many professionals find work-related writing a slog: Hard to get started. Easy to get lost in the weeds. All that information to present with clarity and good grammar (not to mention in a style that people actually want to read)…How to soldier through?

Here’s an insider secret: There’s no mystery to good writing and it doesn’t have to be an epic struggle.

Writing is a creative process with user-friendly steps.


Learn those steps and you understand how to generate ideas, banish the dreaded blank screen, and organize thoughts into compelling copy. If you do get stuck in the weeds, you know how to navigate your way out.

Science confirms it: Writing that is vivid and easy to read holds your audience’s interest, gets remembered, and influences thinking (see links below).

Written communication is, after all, a human-to-human connection, even in a high-stakes business setting.

When you command your creative process, writing assignments become welcome opportunities to:

• Teach colleagues what you need them to know.

• Motivate people to take the action(s) you want them to.

• Get your ideas and viewpoints in front of the right audience.

That’s what effective writing is all about.

It is possible to spend less time wrestling with logistics and more time connecting with your readers. One place to learn how is in a 7 Steps to Better Writing workshop. We teach a process to remove the stumbling blocks and create a path to get your good ideas “on paper” and out to the people you want to influence.

We encourage you to dive in with both hands and express yourself!

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